5 tips to take the stress out of a hearing screening

by Nancy Salim

You’ve started to notice that your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, and maybe your friends or family have told you as well. It may be time for a hearing screening–the best way to determine what may be causing your hearing loss. But, what if getting screened for a hearing loss makes you feel anxious? Below are five tips to help you keep the stress out of your hearing screening:

  1. There’s no better time than now. Most adults haven’t had their hearing tested since grade school. Delaying may increase the feeling of stress about doing something, and it may also make it more difficult to treat your hearing loss if you in fact have one. If this sounds like you, make an appointment today.
  2. Find the right hearing care professional. If you choose to book an appointment with a YourHearing approved clinic, you can feel confident about your choice. While this experience may be new to you, our providers help individuals find the right solution for their hearing loss every day. Our clinics have been carefully screened and credentialed giving you peace of mind that you’re in good hands.
  3. Bring a buddy. Taking a family member, such as your spouse, or a close friend with you is helpful in more ways than one. It’s great to have someone you know with you for emotional and moral support, to help you remember information the provider may share, to help calm you down if you’re feeling anxious and for the familiar voice during your screening.
  4. Be prepared. You may feel nervous, so knowing what to expect at your hearing screening will help ease the anxiety you have about the experience. Arrive at the clinic 15 minutes before your appointment to check in. Once your screening begins, you take the pure tone hearing test. This is done in a soundproof booth wearing headphones. You’ll hear a series of tones from an audiometer at different volumes. This determines how you hear different frequencies of sounds. Next, the provider performs a speech test where they say several one and two syllable words and ask you to repeat them. This test determines how well you understand speech. Qualified hearing care professionals administering your hearing screening means there’s no reason to worry.
  5. Take the next step. If you have a hearing loss your hearing care professional can suggest hearing aids for you that are suitable for your kind of hearing loss, your lifestyle and your budget. Today’s hearing aids are powerful technology in a tiny package. So that you can feel comfortable about purchasing hearing aids, our clinics let you demo them in the office to see how they feel and experience how they work.

Think of your hearing screening as an easy step to better hearing. Ready to take the first step? Find a clinic near you and schedule your hearing screening today. We offer a risk-free 60 day guarantee on all hearing aids.

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