Benefits to wearing hearing aids

by Nancy Salim

You think you may need hearing aids, but you keep putting off the purchase. Or, you already own a pair but refuse to wear them. If you have a hearing loss, and you’re still not wearing hearing aids, you may be missing out on many things. Socializing with family and friends, communicating easily at work and engaging in activities you love are some of the benefits to wearing hearing aids. It might be time for you to make an appointment for a hearing aid demo, and experience the latest hearing aid technology for yourself.

Here are five benefits to wearing hearing aids:

Stay active and athletic. Hearing aids allow you to continue enjoying the activities and sports you love. You’ll also get more out of activities you participate in with friends like golf, tennis and yoga. The results of a U.S. study found that approximately 9 million Americans who wear hearing aids restrict their daily activities because they’re worried they will ruin the device. With the proper hearing aid style, individuals can continue to enjoy all of their favorite activities.

Wear a hearing aid without anyone knowing you have it on. Who wants their hearing loss to be noticeable? How your hearing aid looks is no longer a concern. Hearing aids are not large and noticeable anymore. Technology has come a long way, and while hearing aid size has miniaturized, power and features have grown. Today’s hearing aid styles are so small and discreet that no one will notice you’re wearing them.

Enjoy the outdoors even on windy days. In the past, even a light breeze could cause irritating noise, “whistling”, in the hearing aid and disrupt an individual’s ability to understand speech. Today’s hearing aid technology has changed all of that, and wind interference is automatically reduced in many current devices.

Easily understand what people are saying. You love dining out and being social, but background noise can make it difficult to enjoy a crowded restaurant with your friends and family. Hearing aids can help tune out the background noise allowing you to focus on those you want to hear. Most hearing aids are now designed to maintain speech understanding and make listening easier, much more so than older models.

Hear more the first time. Do you find that you ask people to repeat themselves frequently? Hearing loss doesn’t necessarily mean that the volume is too low, instead it makes it more difficult for the person with hearing loss to identify certain sounds, and more easily confuse words. With the right kind of hearing aids, individuals are able to better understand speech and engage more with others without missing out.

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