Get ready to connect your hearing aids to the Internet


Spring is in full bloom, and the new spring hearing aid lineup is out. One of the newest products coming out is Oticon’s new hearing aid, Opn™, which will be opening up sound to provide a better sense of space. This is a radical change in hearing technology.

So what exactly makes Opn™ so exciting?

According to the manufacturer, “Opn™ makes it easier for people with hearing loss to communicate and stay socially active, with less listening effort and more ability to remember what is being said.” This is an important point. There’s a lot of technology involved in this advanced hearing aid. But all of it, including its 64 bands, helps support the overriding goal of minimizing the effort of those with hearing loss to hear, understand, and retain more information. It’s faster processing keeps up with your brain, making conversation less tiring, and more natural.

Oticon focused its approach to what they call BrainHearing™. BrainHearing is Oticon’s term for hearing aids that work with the brain to ensure the highest rate of understanding and the lowest amount of effort. Oticon was so sure that Opn™ would benefit the brain in this way that they employed a unique method to test it—and the results were pretty impressive. Not only does Opn™ make it 20% easier for the brain to understand sounds while keeping awareness of the spatial environment (something unique to this hearing aid), but people who used it understood 30% more and retained 20% more information. As for features, Opn™ comes loaded. The TwinLink™ feature allows binaural communication between the hearing aids (so the user can tell where sounds are coming from), and also has a whole separate link for Bluetooth. And, get this, it uses practically the same amount of battery as their earlier, less advanced, model.

Add to all of the above the openness of the platform and you can see how truly different the Opn™ is. OpenSound Navigator™ scans the environment for sounds (100x per second), analyzes them, and delivers them without amplifying every sound. It does this so that you have awareness of your environment while being able to hear what people are saying. That’s pretty unique–more natural listening in more complex environments.

Oh, and not that you asked, but did we mention it’s the first hearing aid of its kind to be connected to the Internet? Get ready for a big world of connectivity.

The benefits of having a hearing aid connected to the Internet are pretty endless. First, this means your hearing aid can be potentially upgraded at home and by using the IFTTT (If This, Then That) web service, can control over 300 devices that connect to home and services. For example, turn the lights off, the TV on, the coffeepot on FROM BED (that is so cool!), and be able to contact emergency services through your hearing aid. We’re excited about where this drive in new technology will take us.

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