Getting to know hearing aid manufacturers


Hearing aids have been manufactured beginning in 1898, and since that time many companies have stepped up to provide consumers with the advanced science and engineering that comprise this refined technology. If you’re a little confused about the who’s who of hearing aid manufacturers, the list below might help you keep them straight.

Beltone. Started in 1940, Beltone’s intention was to be a premier hearing care partner and bring customers the latest in hearing aid technology tailored to each individual’s needs. Labeling their product line advanced and simple, they have set out to give users what they want—functionality without the stress.

Bernafon. Founded in 1946 in Bern, Switzerland this manufacturer promotes hearing and being understood as an essential and basic human need. They believe their technology lifts restrictions and allows people to communicate without limitations. Their hearing devices tout impressive features and work together with a wide range of wireless accessories to enhance life’s precious moments.

Oticon. Founded in 1904, Oticon’s institution and foundation demonstrate that People First is more than a slogan, but the philosophy upon which they build, conduct and maintain long-term relationships with consumers and hearing care professionals. Oticon offers high performance hearing solutions including the latest sophistications in hearing science and unique groundbreaking designs. Their focus reminds consumers that hearing healthcare is an essential part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Phonak. Founded in 1947, Phonak is an international innovate force with more than sixty years of experience in listening acoustics. Phonak’s “life is on” mission transcends limitations by driving creative solutions and advancing new technologies. Through modern technology, an innovative spirit and high quality standards, Phonak is able to bring solutions for each individual’s unique hearing needs.

ReSound. Founded in 1943 with headquarters in Denmark, ReSound offers innovative hearing solutions that combine original thinking and design with solid technology. ReSound smart hearing aids use smart technology to help individual’s connect to the world around them, adapting to their life and their needs.

Rexton. Founded over a half century ago, Rexton began with the intent to care for those who care. With an impressive team of experienced professionals, Rexton built relationships globally with their hearing partners. Their solutions are not only the result of their extensive knowledge, but also the product of close cooperation with their customers. They’ve developed a variety of hearing aids that are both advanced and accessible and which include sophisticated features designed to improve individuals’ hearing and quality of life.

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