Global survey shows benefits of hearing aids (hint: it's more than just hearing)


It turns out hearing aids can do much more than just help you hear better. A new global survey of 120,000 people in the UK, France, Germany, USA, Switzerland, and Italy with hearing loss recently concluded hearing aids benefit a lot more than your hearing—like better quality of life, relationships, mental health, memory and benefits at work.

Before we delve into all the statistics for benefits, let’s first look into overall hearing aid user satisfaction. Take a look at this graph from HearingReview.

global study image

Okay. This is where we stop to point out that these are self-reported results. That’s right. Just regular folks who use hearing aids. In the USA user satisfaction with their hearing aids is a whopping 83%. Just as impressive is that their satisfaction with their hearing health provider over the past five years is 91%! And here’s the thing that really rocks, this isn’t people who wear their hearing aids for ten minutes in the morning. The respondents in the USA were shown to wear their hearing aids on average of 11.4 hours per day. Go, USA!

So other than being satisfied with their hearing aids and hearing health provider, how are hearing aids improving the lives of these 120,000 people? The survey asked about quality of life, relationships, safety, independence, work, memory, and mental health. And here’s what they found:

  • Quality of Life: 8 out of 10 hearing aid users reported that their hearing aids had a positive impact on their perceived quality of life. People in Switzerland topped the charts on this section, but across the world the data shows an overwhelmingly positive result.
  • Relationships: It would seem a no-brainer that if you can hear and communicate better, you’re going to have better relationships, but it’s still nice when there’s actual statistics to back up the assumptions. Nearly half of all hearing aid users found that their relationships at home and at work improved after getting hearing aids.
  • Sense of Safety and Independence: Equal to relationships, about 50% of people globally found that their hearing aids increased their sense of safety and independence. Makes sense. If you can hear better, you are more aware of your environment, of cars whooshing by, of alarms going off, so of course you’d feel safer. Likewise, it makes sense that you are more independent when you no longer have to rely on others to convey information and when you don’t hesitate to go out because of fear of not being able to communicate.
  • Memory: Since this survey also questioned people with hearing loss who did not use hearing aids, they were able to do a comparative analysis of answers for memory. They found people who used hearing aids reported less problems with memory than those with hearing loss who did not wear hearing aids. This makes sense since there have been scientific studies that show how auditory stimulation improves certain brain functions.
  • Work Benefits: One of the most remarkable results from this survey came from respondents who worked. It showed that in most countries 9 out of 10 people found that using hearing aids benefited them at work. Wow. That’s fantastic!
  • Mental Health: In order to study the impact on mental health, the surveyors did a survey within the survey. This interior survey is called a “Screening for depressive disorders.” The conclusion? Well, it showed that people who use hearing aids have a lower probability of having a depressive disorder than those who have hearing loss and didn’t use hearing aids.

Hooray for hearing aids! The truth about how important your hearing is to your mental health, relationships, and life is a giant step in teaching everyone to value their hearing and correct their hearing loss. We hope you’re as excited by these stunning findings as we are. And if all of this good news has spurred you to look into hearing aids or even what’s new in hearing aids, let us introduce you to a fabulous hearing health provider!

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