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by Nancy Salim

You have questions about hearing loss. You want to know the cost of a hearing aid, if it can help you hear better and where to go to purchase the right hearing device. You may feel tempted to ask friends what to do, or experiment with DIY solutions like turning up the TV, asking others to speak louder or buying assistive listening devices like PSAPs or amplification apps. But to get real answers and see results it’s best to go to a credentialed clinic.

A hearing care professional can help you find the right solution for your hearing loss and get you back to your life with no hassle to you.

At YourHearing.com, we have providers you can trust—we’ve credentialed them so you can be sure you’re in the right hands.  When you’re ready to get a hearing test or purchase hearing aids, we match you with a YourHearing credentialed provider of your choice for all your hearing needs.  We want you to get the right service and the right hearing aid the first time, and back to your busy life.

It starts with our hearing specialists who do the work for you. They help you find a clinic in your area, verify insurance information if necessary and schedule an appointment at a time convenient for you. They’ll also remind you of your appointment and follow up to make sure you’re satisfied.

When you arrive at one of our approved clinics you’ll get access to top of the line products from top manufacturers so you can feel confident about the products that you purchase. We want you to feel good about your purchase and be confident that your hearing aids are right for you—that’s why when you book through YourHearing.com, you’ll also get a full 60 day 100% money back guarantee.The money that you spend on your hearing is as important to us as it is to you.

For answers to your questions, a professional recommendation and expert advice—schedule an appointment at one of our endorsed clinics. Be confident you’re in good hands. 888.902.9310.

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