How to care for hearing aid batteries

by Nancy Salim

Most hearing aids use disposable cell batteries to function properly. To help you get the most out of your hearing aid batteries, it’s important to know what factors affect battery life, and how to properly care for them. Whether you’re new to hearing aids or just trying to get the most use out of your batteries, read on for some helpful tips.

Store batteries at room temperature, away from small children and pets. You want to avoid leaving them out in extreme temperatures like in the car, outside in the heat or in the refrigerator. Heat and humidity can affect battery life so store your batteries and hearing aids at room temperature. Keep new batteries stored safely in a closed container and pack and discard old batteries immediately when you remove them so that your pets or children can’t get to them.

Remove the batteries from the pack only when you’re ready to use them. Keep them fresh by keeping them sealed. Also, pay attention to the expiration date on the pack. Obviously the fresher the battery, the better the performance. To avoid damage, store them away from metal objects like coins and keys which can damage them.

Remove the sticker just prior to using the batteries. If you don’t, your batteries will begin to discharge. Even re-applying the sticker won’t stop this process, so make sure you use the batteries as soon as you remove the sticker. Normally, batteries last anywhere from three to 22 days, depending on the hearing aid, the type and capacity of the battery and the amount of use.

Get rid of old batteries as soon as you remove them. Since the majority of batteries today don’t contain mercury, you can throw them out in the garbage without worrying about any health or environmental risks, but they’re still dangerous if swallowed. But to be sure, check the packaging. If it doesn’t say “mercury-free” keep it out of the garbage and contact your local government or search online for disposal centers in your area.

Leave the battery compartment door open at night. Keeping the battery door open allows moisture to escape and keeps your hearing aids in good condition. Remove the batteries if you’re not wearing your hearing aids for more than two days.

If changing the batteries doesn’t seem to improve hearing aid performance, consider upgrading your device, or visit a hearing care professional for cleaning and maintenance.

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