Not interested in hearing aids? Think again

by Nancy Salim

Have you thought about purchasing hearing aids but are still making excuses as to why you’re not ready? Or tried them before with ho-hum results and just aren’t impressed?

Although the benefits of hearing aids are clear—including improved communication, productivity, mood and a restored sense of confidence—there are still individuals who delay getting treated for hearing loss. YourHearing has been listening to what people are saying about their reluctance to get hearing aids and here’s what we’ve found:

Way too much for my pocket. “Outrageous!!!” “Too much.”  “Wish I had one now but out of my budget range.” Is this you? Although hearing aids may be expensive for some—the return on investment is worth it. You’re not only paying for a device, you’re paying for the benefits of better hearing—including a greater sense of connectedness, fulfilment and independence. Hearing aids may help you keep your current income, advance in your career, stay connected with family and friends and even improve your mood—you can’t put a price tag on that. Invest in yourself—go for a quality hearing aid customized to your unique hearing loss by a credentialed professional and experience the difference for yourself.

Insurance won’t pay. “My insurance doesn’t cover them, I can’t afford them.” “Wish insurance helped pay!” You may want insurance to cover the cost of your hearing aids, but did you know there are other ways to pay for them if your insurance doesn’t have a hearing aid benefit? YourHearing has done some research and came up with 9 different ways to help you pay for hearing aids—including financing, private pay and FSA. Hearing loss has been linked to cognitive decline, memory problems and slips and falls. Let a credentialed professional decide if you need hearing aids, even if you think “it’s not that bad.”

What’s the point? “I know I can’t hear, what’s the point?” “I already know I can’t hear, what good is a hearing test?” A hearing screening is painless, and gives you information about the degree and nature of your hearing loss. The results of your screening will determine if hearing aids are necessary, and if they are, they can be programmed to match your specific hearing needs. You may feel nervous, so knowing what to expect at your hearing screening will help ease the anxiety you have about the experience.

It’s a scam, beware. Don’t write off hearing aids based on your experience. Depending on which route you went, it’s understandable that if the purchase you made didn’t help you would feel this way. Perhaps you previously attempted to go the amplification route, and buy some off the shelf aids that didn’t work for you. A pair of hearing aids programmed to your specific loss can make a huge difference. Other factors sometimes include giving up wearing them too soon before your brain has had a chance to relearn the sounds. Or not getting a proper fit—sometimes hearing aids require a few trips back to the clinic for adjustments. We get how that can be frustrating, especially when you’ve put so much hope into the idea of immediate results.

If you choose to book an appointment with a YourHearing approved clinic, you can feel confident about your choice. While this experience may be new to you, our providers help individuals find the right solution for their hearing loss every day. Our clinics have been carefully screened and credentialed giving you peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

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