Take this two minute hearing quiz


If you’re here to take this quiz chances are you may experience occasional difficulty hearing in certain situations and are interested in finding out more. Or maybe you are interested in learning if the symptoms you notice in a spouse or someone close to you are signs of hearing loss.

Either way, you’re looking to get a better idea if it’s time to take the next step. Let YourHearing help you get started.

Two minute hearing quiz

Give yourself the following points for each answer to the questions below:

Almost always: 2 points

Occasionally: 1 point

Never: 0 points

  • I miss important telephone calls because it is difficult to hear what people are saying.
  • I have trouble following the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time.
  • I turn the volume up on the TV so loud that others complain.
  • I have difficulty following conversation in noisy surroundings such as restaurants or at parties.
  • People’s voices often sound mumbled or muffled.
  • I get confused about where sounds come from.
  • I frequently ask others to repeat themselves.
  • I have a harder time understanding women and small children.
  • I have worked in noisy environments (example: construction, manufacturing, military)
  • I need people to face me while speaking so I can lip read.
  • People sometimes say “never mind” when I ask them to repeat themselves.
  • I sometimes answer the wrong question or give an inappropriate response to a question.
  • I avoid social activities because I can’t hear well.

Your Total = _____

*This is not a professional hearing test and we recommend having your hearing evaluated by a qualified specialist.


0 – 4 Your score indicates a low possibility of hearing loss.

5 – 9 Your score indicates you may be experiencing some degree of hearing loss.

10+ Your score indicates a high probability of hearing loss.

Schedule a hearing screening at a credentialed clinic.

The only way to be sure if the symptoms you’re experiencing are related to hearing loss is to schedule a hearing test. A hearing care professional will be able to tell you the type and degree of hearing loss and offer a professional recommendation on what type of hearing aid, if needed, will suit your listening needs and lifestyle. YourHearing can help match you with a hearing professional in your area, find a clinic and schedule an appointment.

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